Food Subscriptions

What is a food subscription?

Similar to many other meal kits out there, this is a pack of homemade goods and recipes designed to give you meal options and ideas throughout the week. These kitchen basics, though, are sold at wholesale prices – and get cheaper the more you add to your weekly bag – in order to make good food accessible to as many as possible.

Your food subscription is:

  • A weekly or fortnightly pack of freshly-made wholefoods basics to get you through meals throughout the week.
  • Recipes and tips to help you cook with the seasons and save money.
  • Customizable to your budget, dietary needs, and seasonality.
  • Available to be picked up or delivered, depending on your location.





Seedy whole-wheat sandwich loaf – $6.00
Made with stoneground flour milled fresh on-site, the loaf is studded with sunflower seeds, flaxseed, kibbled rye and polenta.

Dark Danish rye sourdough, 1kg – $10.00
This mammoth of a loaf is fermented slowly with caraway seeds and molasses to produce a dense, tangy loaf. Perfect for slicing thinly and toasting ’till crunchy, or spread with butter and topped as an open sandwich.

Due to the long fermentation time (where enzymes and sourdough cultures slowly break down the grain and make the gluten more digestible) this bread is often suitable for those who are avoiding gluten or trying to limit the processed wheat in their diet. NB: As there is still a small percentage of wheat flour in the dough this loaf is not suitable for Coeliacs.


All kombucha comes in a 750ml dark glass bottle with a sealable flip-top lid.

Green tea and ginger booch, $8.00 (or $6 if you return the bottle) 
Fizzy and probiotic, Kombucha is an effervescent natural soda brewed by combining tea, sugar and a “mother culture” and leaving it to ferment. The remaining liquid is bottled, flavoured with ginger syrup, and left to carbonate for about a week before drinking.

Kombucha is a powerful healing drink, so start with half a cup daily if you’re new to it.