Tahini and honey oat bars

If I don't have snacks on hand 24/7 I'm prone to irrationally snapping at strangers and crying on the bus. You could probably call it hanger, but I like to romanticise it and think of it as a healthy codependency between me and food. In an ideal world, this is what I have stashed in… Continue reading Tahini and honey oat bars

Luscious spring onion salad sauce

This easy-ass salad dressing is one of the best ways I've found to add punch and staying-power to what might otherwise be plain and unassuming ingredients. Roasted root vegetables by themselves are one thing, but smothered in a creamy green emulsion of herbs and garlic you've got yourself a real meal. The dressing couldn't be… Continue reading Luscious spring onion salad sauce

Rosemary lemon shortbread

I've made these little biscuits on three occasions this week, though never exactly the same each time - a touch of fennel seeds one time, maybe using whole wheat flour the next - and I'm pretty amazed that no matter how many little tweaks I make they come out fragrant and oh-so-moreish every time.

Classic tomato relish

I've come to use it instead of tomato paste on pizzas, and a dollop will often brighten up an Asian stir-fry sauce well too. Though ultimately, to have a relish like this on hand for cheese toasties is almost entirely reason enough.

Pear and ginger jam + why porridge is best toasted

I started to become excited about what we could grow here and how to celebrate it. If seasonality were a mission, I'd totally accept.